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Changing the way you get a mortgage.

Smarter, Not Harder

A savvy hybrid tech approach with a human touch to getting a mortgage that makes it smarter.

Your Interests At Heart

We help you get a mortgage the same way we would. We are driven by what should be & guided by heart.

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A simple & hassle-free way to get a mortgage with more access to what matters most.

Our Mission

People work with us, not only for what we do but because of what we stand for. A mortgage experience worth sharing.

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What we do

A simple & tech savvy approach with a human touch.

How Matters

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Shop smarter,
not harder.

Everyone should be able to get a mortgage the way we would.

Can't recommend enough

It was like buying a home with a team of financial specialists an accountant and tax advisor on speed dial.

Brooks Wilder

First Time Home Buyer

Guided by Heart.

A simple, tech-savvy approach with a human touch

We're changing the way people think of getting a mortgage.


Shop smarter,
not harder


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Best Interests At Heart

How we

Committed to what mortgages should be


How mortgages should be


Attractive rates & low fees

“Homeric recently helped my husband and I refinance our home. Most importantly, they provided attractive rates and low fees. They also provided outstanding customer service and guided us through the process with ease. They even coordinated our closing process to be completed and signed in person while we were on vacation! We will without a doubt use Homeric again for our next home financing or any refinancing needs.”

Alex Hooper


Best interests in mind

“Homeric was absolutely amazing! They had expert-level knowledge of the mortgage finance industry, from a national and global standpoint all the way down to local factors impacting the housing/mortgage industry. Their customer service and communication were second-to-none, they stayed in constant contact with us to ensure we were always aware of the status of our loan. It was very easy to see that they always had our best interests in mind from the outset, and the advice on when to pull the trigger and lock in our rate was spot-on, resulting in us getting an incredibly low rate. We could not have been happier. In addition, Homeric's fees were much lower than what we had experienced in the past, enabling us to save even more money. On top of all that, Homeric had a very convenient online application process, very easy to upload all of the required documents onto a secure site, and they made sure the closing process was just as seamless and easy. I very highly recommend Homeric!”

Chris Settle


Vastly Superior

I refinanced my home mortgage through Homeric in September and had a great experience. I spoke with a couple of other mortgage brokers before selecting Homeric and Homeric was vastly superior to the competition. Homeric utilizes web-based technology, has deep industry knowledge and they are extremely proactive and professional. I highly recommend Homeric for your next mortgage financing.


Dallas, TX

Homeric Approach

“They had a convenient online application and it was super easy to upload all of our documents. The whole process was very professional and most importantly low fees and a super low-interest rate!”

Chris Grizzaffi

Dallas TX

Professionalism, Responsiveness

“Tony and Ed got me a great rate on my refinance. Very professional and responsive. A pleasure to do business with!”

Robert Coble

Dallas, TX


“Homeric was a great help throughout the entire process. Every question we asked was immediately answered or the answer was found quickly. Michael and Lacey were very knowledgeable and kept us up-to-date every step of the way.”

Lance Betak


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Join our team & help change how people think when getting a mortgage.

We are a collection of people who are driven by what could be & guided by heart. People work with us, not only for what we do but because of what we stand for.

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