Our Story

Driven by what could be.
Guided by heart.

We Are Homeric

Smarter. Guided by Heart.

Our Why

We’re changing the way people think of getting a mortgage.

Driven By What Should Be

Every mortgage story has the same starting & ending point. With Homeric, we saw an opportunity to connect the story in a different way. The way we would get a mortgage.

It’s what mortgages should be.


A hybrid fintech approach with a human touch that makes it, smarter. The way an industry expert, mortgage executive, and techy lender would get a mortgage if they worked smarter, not harder.

Guided By Heart

At the heart of everything we do we ask, what is in the customer’s best interest? It’s the beginning of every problem we set out to solve.

It’s our north star & why we built Homeric.

Less, But More

We don’t spend millions of dollars on marketing or have unnecessary layers of management & costs. It’s simplified by focusing on the customer’s best interest.

We create something that is less, but more.

Our Approach

The ability to get a mortgage the way we would.

The technology, pricing, customer experience, and connections already exist independently, but when combined, they become even more. After years of building national mortgage companies, we took a step back to look at what was really in the customer’s best interest and started over. We eliminated unnecessary expenses and kept what was truly essential to be able to pass on the savings to our consumers.

The results, less, but more.

Hybrid Approach

The simple, tech-savvy hybrid approach with a human touch.


Getting access to more options that are important to you, for less.

Vast Options

Access to the most competitive interest rates, products, value & services.


A straightforward focused approach to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

Safe & Secure

We are serious about security. We work to keep your information protected.

What Matters Most

We believe that people are essential.

by Heart.

It’s our North Star and the foundation that we are built on.


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